Income Tax Self Assessment in Horsham

Income Tax Self Assessment in Horsham Giltinian and Kennedy

Under the self assessment system, the impetus lies with the taxpayer to complete and file a Tax Return every year, and pay the correct amount of tax, in line with strict deadlines imposed by HM Revenue & Customs.

While completing your self assessment Tax Return can often be a confusing and time- consuming process, failure to do this accurately and within the deadlines could result in significant penalties.

Giltinian and Kennedy offer a comprehensive range of self assessment Return services, which include:

  • Completing your Tax Return on your behalf
  • Calculating your tax liability
  • Filing your Return online
  • Advising you of the amounts due
  • Assisting in the event of any HMRC enquiries

For further advice on Self Assessment please see the Information section of this website.

For more details on how Giltinian and Kennedy in Horsham can help to reduce the burden of income tax self assessment, please contact us today.